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A Health Suite, curated for the entire healthcare industry's needs.

A Health Suite, curated for the entire healthcare industry's needs.

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Whether you practice medicine, provide them or consume them, let Medify assist you 24x7.

A Call to the Country

In a country where medicines are dispensed in the same manner as candy, a majority of the population still lacks adequate knowledge about basic healthcare. The need of the hour is a platform that brings the entire healthcare ecosystem to people’s fingertips.

Medify is a three-way network geared to be the ultimate healthcare provider for the three main protagonists of this industry: doctors, retail pharmacies and patients.


Doctors and their respective clinics can maintain all of their diagnoses, reports and other documents on the platform, as well as profile patients based on their medical histories and general medical information. Doctors can connect with their patients, while also collaborating with pharmacies on the dispensation of drugs and medicines.


Retail pharmacies have the benefit of expanding their businesses by providing doorstep deliveries and special offers to all patients living in the locality. They can profile their customers based on their medical information, and thus dispense the correct drugs based on any special needs and health conditions.


Patients are able to effortlessly access all of their health records online, which precludes the need to maintain and produce hefty files while visiting a doctor. Medify also enables them to order requisite medicines from their nearby retail pharmacies. In case of an emergency, patients can easily communicate with the concerned doctor or pharmacy.

In order to ensure the highest standards of healthcare services, the platform allows the submission of reviews to any and all services an entity may have received, while also auditing these services to ensure the elimination of malpractice, illicit drug dispensing, and any other such unethical practices, which violate government norms.